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CBS Program

The share of daily-life information, accurate and unbiased news reports,
the proclamation of God’s word, interpretation of social issues based on Christianity,
unity and reformation of the churches and the consolidation of social justice.

CBS programming emphasizes
CBS News
Accurate and unbiased news; critical commentaries and analysis based on the Christian spirit have earned the people’s confidence and love.
Guardian Angel! Let's Share Talents Of Love
A social welfare program that reports heartrending stories of neighbors,
seeking for a way to overcome hardship by cooperating with the regional religious circles, public welfare organizations and program viewers.
May God Make My Life Anew!
The oldest and best Christian talk show program in Korea, which handles life-changing stories and inspirational testimonies through radio and television network.
CBS Bible School
A bible study program led by bible teachers who are well known as great bible teachers in Korea.
Kim Hyun-jung's NEWS SHOW
An interactive news program between news-producers and audience
which is hosted by female anchor Ms. Kim Hyun-Jung
Jeo-nyuk Sketch 939
Enjoy Jeo-nyuk Sketch 939 and comforting old pops will awake your precious memories
Choi In Hyuk's Gospel Hour
A gospel music program, hosted by the most famous gospel singer in Korea,
Choi In Hyuk and giving the happiness and the comfort to all the people