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About CBS

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The mission of CBS is to establish a society ruled by God’s justice,
love and peace. We have endeavored to promote personal and social development based on the Lord's principles.
And we have tried to uphold natural right as endowed by God, including their free expressions of conscience.

As an interdenominational non-profit organization, CBS has greatly contributed to Korean church and society. Especially the ecumenical character of CBS, whose Board of Trustees includes representatives from 11 national church denominations and organizations, enables it to play a central role in the mission of Korean churches.

Ever since December 15, 1954, when it went on the air as the first independent radio station in Korea, CBS has had a reputation for unbiased news and fine music; and its diverse mission programs have fostered the growth of the Korean church.

Having been operated as a nationwide radio network for more than 50 years, CBS met the greatest change in its history in 2002, when it opened its own television station and thus was able to provide higher-level service through various media channels.

Today CBS is engaged in all forms of mass communications: radio, television broadcasting, internet and the smart device. CBS radio’s nationwide network consists of 14 branches, and CBS TV provides programs via cable and satellite to the Korean peninsula and other parts of East Asia. Thus CBS plays a leading role as the major Korean Christian communications organization.

CBS Historical Highlights

2009 year Broadcasting service based on iPod and iPhone starts.
2006 year Daily Nocutnews opens.
2003 year CBS TV begins distributing programs via cable.
2002 year CBS TV begins providing programs to Skylife, Korean digital satellite starts broadcasting.
2001 year CBS TV station is established.
2000 year CBS expands its branches to 14 major cities in Korea.
1998 year Christian portal site opens on the internet.
1995 year CBS Music FM opens.
1992 year CBS moves to new headquarters building in Mokdong, Seoul.
1981 year Association of Supporters for Mission is organized.
1961 year CBS acquires four radio stations in the major provincial cities.
1954 year CBS Historical Highlights CBS first goes on the air on December 15.